The Parish of Sandal Magna

Renewing the Fabric of the Church

A lot of work has been going on with the fabric of the church. 
At The Spring, an outbreak of dry rot after the flood downstairs was dealt with. New signage has been put up front and back.
At St Paul’s, the toilet and side room has been refurbished. 
At St Helen’s the path has recently been completely repointed to fill in all the gaps. Along with the cutting down of the overhanging trees and the power cleaning, the path is now much safer. We just need to attend to the railings. All this work has been masterminded by our Church Warden, Craig Orr, with excellent work by Graham Bailey.

In the bell-tower there is new carpeting, the timbers have all been treated, and the bearings of the bells and other repairs carried out, with considerable help from Roger Townend. Much of this vital work has been funded owing to the generous legacy of the late Kathleen Malham, which also enabled us to purchase a new electronic piano and hymn books.


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