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Who am I & How do I fit in? 
Laura Truter

When were you born and where?

I was born on the 31st of October, 1986 in Bishop Auckland.

Who influenced you most in your life?

My grandma, she had a heart of gold that always put others first, especially the broken and lonely. She was kind, caring and a good listener. Although she had been through a lot of difficult times herself she always managed to make others laugh with her crazy sense of humour. She was a deep thinker and we spent hours chatting. This beautiful lady planted that small seed of faith in me, which I am so thankful for.

How did you come to faith?

From a young age my grandma taught me about Jesus but I only ever went to church for family occasions. In 2010 I moved to Wakefield near Manygates Lane. Hearing the church bells every Sunday morning through my window reminded me of how much I wanted to start attending church but I didn’t have the confidence to go on my own. Finally in 2015 I plucked up the courage to go with my Daughter Elena. Since then my faith journey has been amazing I’ve seen mine and other close friends lives change completely through the power of prayer and trusting Jesus.

How do you occupy your time?

I’ve been married to Leon for 10 years and we have a beautiful Daughter together. I spend most of my time caring for Elena and enjoy having days together as a family. I really enjoy socialising with friends and meeting new people. I find it really hard to stay in the house to be honest. I’m always out walking with Elena which really helps me reflect and think creatively. I recently started working for St. Helens in children and youth work. My best moment so far is seeing all the children enjoying the Easter Workshop at Portobello and the Emoji Easter Story on Easter Sunday. This role is huge blessing and I look forward to what the future brings in this role.
What recent experience of God stands out? 
My experience of God was at “Cherish” a Woman’s conference in Leeds in 2016 which led to my life changing completely for the better. The atmosphere in the arena was amazing with worship and the feeling that were all in this together as one. The most significant part for me was when Bob Goff was speaking and allowed all the women who wanted to, to let go and receive healing in their lives. Although I didn’t know it then I always go back to this moment of taking a big step of letting go and trusting in God.
Is there was one thing you could in the world what would it be and why?
It would be for everyone to have peace in their lives and to know that there is hope. There is so much pressure on our daily lives and can cause us so much stress and anxiety. I believe that one small act kindness such as being there to support one another through our difficult times can make a whole lot of difference. As Jesus said, “Love your Lord God with all your heart, all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

Share something you get excited about in your life?

My family’s future, to make lots of memories together. I’m excited about my new job role and how it will help me grow, while supporting families in their faith journey.

What is your favourite film, play, work of art, piece of music, band, book or all six?

I enjoy listening to worship, my favourites are Hillsong and Bethel spontaneous worship. My favourite work of art is a painting by Just Believe Prophetic Art, Julie Powell.

Who you like to spend time with?

I love to spend time with close friends (spirit led days). In my spare time I enjoy visiting friends, going to conferences and celebrating with others how great life is together.

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