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Oasis 2018

For the 9th year in succession, the 1st of August dawned as a beautiful sunny day and our holiday at home for Seniors got underway at St Paul's in Walton.

This year we had fewer takers than in previous years and the holiday ran for 2 days rather than 3. As it turned out, we the helpers and guests were all very pleased by this turn of events, as it gave us all more time to spend and share with one another in a more relaxed atmosphere than in previous years. The Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways his wonders to perform!

All our usual activities were on offer; Scrabble, newspapers, flower arranging, arm-chair keep fit exercise, a nature walk, jewellery making, jigsaws, hand and back massage, and just simply sitting and chatting over a cup of coffee or tea.

We were treated to a very thought-provoking and interesting lecture by Rupert on Sport and it’s relevance to our Faith.

Rupert and Sally led us in an act of Worship on both days before an appetising lunch in part prepared by the Spring and in part by the wonderful 'Ladies in the kitchen'.
In the afternoon on one day there was a Quiz and on the other a final Sing Song before departing for home.

I have given a brief run-down of events enjoyed, so that anyone reading this has an idea of what goes on. We have lots of fun and fellowship and help the lonely to be enfolded and comforted. So if you want to join us why not come to our Christmas event on Wednesday 5th December, we would love to see you to share Jesus's message of love with you.

Neale Clark

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