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Bible In One Year by Marie Johnson

It was a chance conversation with someone in our house group that opened my eyes to the amazing Bible in One Year. It is just over a year  since that evening and I shall be forever grateful.

The beauty of the Bible in One Year is that once you have downloaded the app you can tap into it at any time. I like to listen to it through my headphones, I often do this when walking my dog through the woods and around the local countryside. I also like listening to it in bed, sometimes I listen to the same day's reading two or three times, there is so much to take in! 

You can also read it, straight from your smart phone or tablet. It is broken into sections, Nicky Gumbel introduces each day's text with a few relevant words; he then explains each reading as you move through each day's readings.  Following the introduction it moves on to a psalm, then a New Testament reading followed by an Old Testament reading. Even Nicky's wife Pippa contributes as she sums up what has been shared each day. 

I have tried many times to read the Bible using Bible notes and other such things but have struggled to interpret it myself. If you are looking for a new way to engage with the Bible then I can't recommend the Bible in One Year highly enough. I have completed the first year now but have no intention of stopping. The Bible in One Year has become a wonderful new way of life for me, maybe it is just what you're looking for too. 

Marie Johnson

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