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Prayer and Petition 
for the Persecuted Church

Persecution of Christians is a growing problem in the 21st Century with the rise of Islamism and Hindu fundamentalism. In many Muslim countries where Christians have lived peacefully alongside other religions for many years, there is increasing danger from a small minority of extremists. Countries such as Pakistan and India as well as the Middle East war zones of Iraq and Syria and Far Eastern countries such as Communist North Korea and China are all experiencing greater levels of harassment and persecution. Even Russia has just passed a law making house churches illegal and requiring missionaries to have permits.

In the West we take religious freedom for granted, but we need to raise our voices in prayer and petition for the freedom of our Christian brothers and sisters to practice their faith without fear.
The petition on belief of Christians in the Middle East, entitled One Million Voices of Hope, calls upon our Government and the United Nations to ensure that Christians and other minorities in Syria and Iraq enjoy:

The right to equal citizenship
Dignified living conditions
A prominent role in reconciling and rebuilding society.

These concerns were obtained through extensive consultations with Christians in Syria and Iraq from September 2015 and April 2016. Their desire is for equality, dignity and responsibility in the process of rebuilding their societies.

On 18th September, our theme is the prayer of Elijah, a persecuted prophet, and this will give us an opportunity to flag up the needs of the persecuted church, sign the petition and disseminate information about what we can do to show our support and solidarity.


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