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Hilfield 2016 by Tom Registe

This was my second year at Hilfield Youth Camp, and it started with a 4:30 alarm in the morning. You're probably wondering (I know I was) what trip could convince a teenager to wake up at 4:30 am? Well Hilfield can.

- A big aspect of Hilfield is worship. Everyday we have a morning and an evening worship session, these are planned and led by the young campers and so it gives us a chance to show faith through our point of view. Another time where we can discuss faith is in our tog groups, small groups where we discuss the worship and any questions we may have.

- One of the amazing things about Hilfield is that we are staying near a Friary and so do get times to pray and talk with the brothers and the community at the friary. They all have interesting stories of how they ended up where they are, and are very happy to answer questions that people may have.

- But it's not all worship in a Friary. We spend loads of time getting out and having fun, whether that's walking to Cerne Abbas or hunting for leaders in fancy dress in West Bay, there is always something fun to do. Near the end of the week we also hold a revue, which is a
Tom Registe and Josh Dalrymple hosting the Hilfield Review show where anyone on camp can come and perform. Singing, acting, doing book reviews, and even competitive cereal eating were all acts seen this year.

- What is truly amazing about Hilfield is that it doesn't end when you leave the camp, you gain such a good bond with the people you meet that you quickly become good friends, I have kept in touch with many of the people whom I met at camp and have even been invited to a baptism in Southampton thanks to the friends I made on camp.

- All of this is only a tiny taste of what makes Hilfield so special. 
I could write a hundred page novel and still not be able to begin to explain how amazing it is. Hilfield has definitely changed my life and the lives of many of my friends.

Tom Registe

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