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Charitable Teas & Coffees & General Giving at The Spring during 2016

Cath Moxham writes: "Throughout 2016, we continued an initiative to ask our customers for a week each month to donate their tea and coffee money rather than pay for it. The results have been so generous and have resulted in the following giving alternately to local and national charities:

January - Community Awareness Project, Wakefield: �£220

February - World Vision (National): �£310

March - Possibility for those with Learning Difficulties, meets fortnightly at The Spring, Wakefield: �£230

April - Christian Aid (National ): �£284

May - (no donations asked for this month)

June - City of Sanctuary, Wakefield: �£342

July - Marie Curie (National): �£230

August - Hands of Hope for Haiti, Wakefield: �£251

Sept - Open Doors, (National): �£265

October - Fusion Youth Group for those who have High Functioning Autism or Aspergers, meets at the Portobello Community Centre, Wakefield: �£250

Nov - Refugee Council (National): �£307

Dec - Yorkshire Air Ambulance: �£305

Total raised for local charities: �£1,598

Total raised for national charities: �£1,396

A further �£2000 was raised through two Fashion Shows, to add to the �£6,000 donation which The Spring gives annually to the work of Christians Against Poverty. �£739 was also raised for Christian Aid through Soup Sales during Lent in 2016, and �£431 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Care from the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

This brings the total given to charity during 2016 to �£12,164.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this vital work at The Spring. We are humbled and heartened by the part we as a parish can all play to help alleviate poverty, and support those in need, both locally and nationally.

We plan to do the same in 2017 and have already raised funds for Traidcraft, and CoActive, a local arts organisation that exists to realise and celebrate the creative potential of people with learning difficulties. Let's keep up the good work, and pray that God will continue to bless all who visit or serve at The Spring, as well as those who benefit from this giving."

Catherine Moxham, The Spring

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