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The Bible in One Year - BIYO

At the end of 2016 I felt I wanted to use some new resources for my quiet time in the New Year. My daughter, Rachel, suggested I try the Bible in One Year with Nicky Gumbel from HTB. She downloaded the app on to my i-pad for me. I'd like to share my experience using it. On the 1st January I started listening to the app which has a Psalm, a New Testament and Old Testament readings each day read by David Suchet and commentaries on each given by Nicky Gumbel. From the first day I was blown away. It is an amazing resource at our fingertips. It's like being in Church every day hearing God’s words to us so clearly and then having them really explained and brought to life, so we can digest them and remember a lot of it and live them as best we can through each day. I really look forward to getting up and starting my day with the BIOY. It's just wonderful.

It's best to make about 20- 40 minutes available to do this, to hear it, and then use what time you have or want to have to prayer from it. You don’t have to start with this at the beginning of the year you can join in at any time. We're all different and when you make the time available is up to each person, some people will make time through the day, others in the evening and some will be early birds who start the day with it.

Pam Payling

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