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News from our Link Missionary in Paraguay, Mags Southern

Greetings from a cold Paraguay! Whilst you have been enjoying the sun we have had one of the coldest and most miserable months  we can remember! First of all it rained constantly for 3 weeks and everywhere was so damp. Our back door is still very hard to open and shut as it swelled in the damp! Then came the cold, down to 6ºC yesterday after a blistering 30+ºC on Saturday. Today is misty and cold! Needless to say we have a few staff and pupils off with colds, flu and bronchitis. I’m pleased to say we are both well.

In the South of the country there has been terrible flooding and people have been stranded and unable to get out. A food collection was organised by one TV channel and Student body decided to join the effort. We had a collection in school and took it along to the site. We thought we had done well till a little old lady came along with two shopping bags and it reminded us of the story of the widow’s mite!! It put us in our place!!

This last week or so has been very busy. Primary had their Inter school sports competition last weekend. They invited other schools to compete and we had 15 other schools at our sports ground on Saturday. Before that we had the press launch in school which Mags was pleased to be at. The sports day was the one sunny day with temperatures well into the 30's. Our sports ground was packed with well over two thousand people there. The day went well but it was very long and the last match and medal ceremony took place as it was going dark.

We’ve also celebrated Fathers’ day in the various areas of school. We had the dads from pre primary and secondary in. They came in their droves. You could hear them all round school. They were happy to be here and to see their kids. All went very well but it’s in times like this when we see how some families are split and the kids don’t get to see dads so often or there are problems in the home. Do pray for these pupils. Some of them find contention in school.
The older pupils went to the Chaco to help in some of the indigenous communities. Mags went with year 10's to la Patria and they spent a long, productive day repairing a brick and cement water tank and painting a church. Mags was thrilled with all they achieved there. The 6th form also went to the Chaco but first they visited the site of a famous battle and a Mennonite town and its industry before going on to the indigenous community to continue the work done by the younger pupils.

We were very shocked and saddened by all that's been happening in the UK and in Europe, the attacks and the fires and pray for the Lord to be over all. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Love from Gwen and Mags xx

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