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Women of the Bible sermon series

The Bible is full of faithful and gifted women who play a crucial role in the story of our relationship with God. Their vital role is often overlooked. I noticed that our sermon series in recent years had focussed on key people such as Moses, Paul, Daniel, Nehemiah, Elijah and Jonah. In a more patriarchal age, it is not surprising that the key leaders and prophets are men. What is surprising is that so many key characters are women, but apart from Ruth and Esther, they are not always in the limelight.

In this sermon series, Women of the Bible, we aim to dig deeper to tell the stories of women who were leaders, prophets, apostles and evangelists, such as Deborah, Hannah and Mary the Mother of Jesus. Then there are the women whom Jesus affirmed and commissioned, such as the Woman at the Well, the Women whose faith healed them, Martha and Mary. And there the woman who were leaders in the Early Church, such as Lydia, Priscilla and Junia, much valued by Paul who wrote those key words that "there is neither male nor female, because you are all one in Christ Jesus", affirming the equality that God established, Jesus confirmed and Paul reinforced. There are also women who are not such good role models, such as Delilah and Jezebel! As well as looking at women as individuals, we will also look at women of initiative, courage, faith and protest, and draw parallels with women in contemporary history who exhibit these qualities. It is fitting that the majority of these sermons will be preached by women, including guests visits from former preachers, Julie Hay and Teressa Cornish. I hope that you are looking forward to this series as much
as I am.


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