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The purpose of the star by Stefan Grieve (POEM)

The purpose of the star, by Stefan Grieve
Once there was a star
So very far
From me, and you
And even your far away uncle Stu

All it would do
Was burn the brightest
When days and nights were new
It was so often thought the lightest

And it used to think;
‘That’s all well and good,
But things were beginning to stink
Like I’m always stuck in the mud

What am I to do?
What is my purpose?
What is my plot?
What to do with all the time I’ve got?’

And in a whisper,
It heard this;
‘Your time will come.
Remember this,’

But it did not believe
And it waited and waited
Its purpose was belated
And it didn’t think it would be instigated

But then it guided three from the East
Its purposelessness was released
And it found the whisper was true
It was given a special thing to do

And just like it did for the star of Bethlehem
Your time will come
Just hold onto the promise of the whisper
And you too will find purpose; my brother, or sister.

This beautiful poem invites us to discover our purpose for this season in our lives. Please do get in touch if you would like to get involved and serve in any area of Church life.

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